Inspiration - Mentors and role models

My mentors and role models

I had the great opportunity to get to know lighting designer Claude Naville just shortly before his early passing away. French-born Naville was an important figure in the development of the Finnish lighting  design for nearly thirty years.

He was a rare talent who really had the ability to create illusions on stage. He taught me some very basic and down-to-earth tricks on lighting design, but also great deal about his aesthetic  perception. Some of his guidelines follow me even today.

"In the western history of lighting there are names like Adolphe Appia, whose ideas I take in with great interest. Although he was set designer, he had revolutionary thoughts about the three-dimensionality of the stage elements. "Appia rejected painted two dimensional sets for three-dimensional ‘living’ sets because he believed that shade was as necessary as light to form a connection between the actor and the setting of the performance in time and space. Through the use of control of light intensity, colour and manipulation, Appia created a new perspective of scene design and stage lighting." -Wikipedia-

Outside Europe, I find very fascinating the traditions of South-East Asian shadow and puppet theater and I'm exploring the possibilities to combine some of that with western way on thinking.

Wayan Kulit, Malaysia

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