Inspiration - Tools and sources

Tools of design and sources of inspiration

First step of engaging in to a project is to see if it carries any kind of message that interests me. If it contains something that somebody can enrich oneself with. That oneself could be me also, if the performance provides me an opportunity to try out something new, for example.

Once engaged I try to define the goals of project through discussions with the team. The to illustrate the conclusions and give them physical form, I quite often look up suitable examples from paintings or other works of "classical art". These paintings can be anything from Picasso to Turner or Repin, as long as I can find  moods, that fit the message. Another approach is to paint with watercolors. Through these methods I try to visualize my ideas about the volumes, directions and saturation of the light etc.

The practical approach to present my ideas is quite often a big collage of images. I browse through loads of visual ideas in order to find the ones that best describe my feeling of the performance. When I have enough material to blow everybody's brains, I put them all together into this huge mosaic of pictures. This creates a mind-map of sorts and it's purpose is simply to emit the right atmosphere and mood.

Joseph Mallord William Turner - English Romantic Painter, 1775-1851 landscape master