'' I would call back at least for literature this world of shadows we are losing. In the mansion called literature I would have the eaves deep and the walls dark, I would push back into the shadows the things that come forward too clearly, I would strip away the useless decoration.''

-Junichiro Tanizaki-

Function of light

Purpose and function of lighting design, as well as other parts of the performance too, is to express the message or statement of that particular piece. Light should be equal participant with set design and costumes etc. and be able to use it's own methods to reach the expression needed. The basic questions of visibility and spatiality should be less important than this. The basic "lighting up the faces of actors" is not yet lighting design.

Lighting designs dramaturgy consists of changes in composition of light sources during the performance. Different performances have different kind of needs and bases. All the dramaturgical choices should always be connected to the principal message or statement and continuity is never bad solution.                

Turn the Page, Berlin 2010