Welcome to MPH-Effects!

My name is Minna Heikkilä. I'm freelancer light and costume designer, but I also work as a board operator and occasional roadie. My roots are firmly in Finland, but nowadays my home base is mostly in Basel, Switzerland.

I have studied fashion design in Häme Polytechnic Finland, graduating in 1998 and light design in Theater Academy in Finland (Master of Arts 2008). During my studies in I started to travel quite a lot which turned me into a sort of nomad. This resulted the fact that I have worked in theatrical world since 1996 in various circumstances and geographical locations, such as Thailand, Norway, Switzerland, Germany - and of course, my  homeland, Finland. Traveling and touring are things I fancy great deal. I have experience in spoken drama, dance, performance art and opera among others, and have also worked a lot in productions aimed for young audiences. Recently I have also worked relatively much as a technical manager.

is both my company and my artistic signature.

On this homepage I have collected some examples of my outlook on life and art. You'll also find documentation of my past projects. Should you have any questions about my work (or just about anything that might pop up while you're here), I'd be more than happy to answer them -just drop me a line.

Contact: info(a)minnaheikkila.fi

By the way.... 1 mph = 0.44704 m / s