Light design 2015

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Wachtmeister Studer

Direction: Dalit Bloch
Assistants: Veronica von Zoltàn, Eva Gisler
Set and costume design: Dalit Bloch, Kurt Walther, Andres Jost
Music: Barbara Kleiner
Lighting design & Tech: Minna Heikkilä
Graphic design: Stephan Brode
Radio voice: Daniel Buser
Sound design: Michael Studer
Text adaptation: Dalit Bloch, Christian Friedli, Bri Jost
Production management: Andres Jost
On stage: Gabriele Bianco, Roman Bischof, Silvia Bracher, Peter Brêchet, Christian Friedli,
Georg Frei, Eva Gisler, Smadar Goldberger, Bri Jost, Ueli Lerch, Norina Molina, Marcel Mund-
schin, Claudia Reinhardt, George Rudolf, Irina Schwizer, Markus Spillmann, Kurt Walter, Caro
Weber, Veronika von Zoltàn
Premiere: September 4th, 2015, Mehrzweckhalle, Therwil, Switzerland
Wachtmeister Studer, by Friedrich Glauser, is one of the most popular Swiss detective characters. In the title story he takes up an assignment to solve a mystery of salesman Wendelin Witschi, whose body is found in a forest near village of Gerzenstein. Witchi has a gunshot wound in his head and Studer is the only one who suspects that it might not be suicide after all. Erwin Schlumpf, who has a criminal record, is a perfect candidate suspect, but Studer doesn't really believe that he is guilty.

As Studer travels to Gerzenstein and interviews the locals, it becomes clear that everyone seems to know something about the case, but is not willing to share the information. Especially, when a detective from bigger city comes to disturb the village peace and meddle with circumstances. The case becomes more and more complicated but in the end Studer manages to put all the pieces together and find the murderer.


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Tränen eines Hundes - ein Road Movie


Concept and direction: bigNOTWENDIGKEIT (Anna K. Becker & Katharina Bischoff)
Text: Esther Becker
Performance: Anna-Katharina Müller, Doreen Kutzke , Andri Schenardi
Songs: Jens Friebe Sounds: Alice Ferl
Light: Minna Heikkilä
Technical support/Video: Felix Grimm
Project assistent: Lisanne Grotz
Sound: Hans Narva/Milena Kipfmüller
Photos: Florian Krauß (Schönefeld), Anna K. Becker (Zürich)
Graphic design: Sarah Parsons
Production management: ehrliche arbeit - freies kulturbüro

Premiere on 15th of July 2015, in Autokino Berlin - *Das Original*, Schönefeld, Germany
Further shows indoor: 16th-19th of September, Arthouse Uto, Zürich, Switzerland





Tränen eines Hundes - ein Road Movie, a live enacted radio-play to the text of Esther Becker and music of Jens Friebe, is an ultimate homage to yearning. Two women are brought together by accident on a gas station in the middle of nowhere in America and set themselves to a journey to find adventure and nostalgia, to deal with friendship and their individual pain of living. Accompanied with a stray dog and the voice of the King, they travel through the landscape of the Middle-West and the map of their own lives.


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Das Grab des weissen Mannes

Text, concept and direction: Kaspar Hort
Musical arrangement: Jean Jacques Futterer
Conductor: Jan Sosinski
Choreography and video: Alessandro Schiattarella
Costumes: Marlies Stöcklin, Kaspar Hort
Set design: Christoph Knöll, Kaspar Hort
Light Design: Minna Heikkilä
Sound Design: Thomas Strebel / audiopool GmbH
Sound Design und Operating: Laurenz Zoschke / audiopool GmbH
Props: Jeannette Zierbeck, Pia Müller, Birgit Funk, Marisa Heckendorn
Microphones: William Hudson / audiopool GmbH
Stage technician: Gigi Sinnone
Production management: Pia Müller / Basler Mission, Gaetano Florio / principles management
Assisting production management: Michel „Mitch“ Jann
Premiere on 29th of March, 2015 in Oekolampad on Allschwilerplatz, Basel, Switzerland

Das Grab des weissen Mannes“ aka "The white man's Grave"  is a musical which was written and arranged for the 200 th anniversary of Basel Mission. It is almost three hours long spectacle telling the story of the early years of missionaries in Ghana in mid-1900 th century. The year-long and tedious writing process of the author and director Kaspar Hort culminated on opening night of 29 th of March 2015 in Oekolampad in Basel. The ensemble consists of 11 singers, three dancers and live orchestra.


Liesel, a young teacher from Gelterkinden, Baselland, has just arrived to mission in Akropong in the very early morning. She is bit lost in awakening rainforest. Lydia, local maid, tries to calm her and a friendship is born, which willl change the life for both of the girls. Maddie comes back to the country of her forefathers from Jamaica and has to face the hstory of her family. Andreas and Ruth, missionary couple can find solace in only each other and siblings Jacobus and Agathe have to give up their faith in Africa.


Expectations, religious principles, needs and restrictions create conflict with the everyday life of missionary station and Plantage, lost in jungle high up in mountains, that present both the best and the darkest of the days. One can hope that only through the true humanity can things turn right. To reach that requires still a huge amount of hope and belief.

Liesel aus Gelterkinden, Baselland, sitzt fassungslos im ersten Licht auf der Lichtung der Mission in Agropong, während um sie herum der Urwald erwacht. Lydia, das Dienstmädchen, beruhigt sie und eine Freundschaft nimmt ihren Lauf, die beider Leben verändern wird. Maddie kommt aus Jamaika in das Land ihrer Grosseltern zurück und muss sich der Vergangenheit ihrer Familie stellen. Andreas und Ruth, das Missionars-Ehepaar finden im fremden Land nur bedingt zu einander und der Missionar Jacobus und seine Schwester Agathe meinen im rechten Glauben Afrika erlösen zu müssen...

Erwartungen, religiöse Grundsätze, Bedürfnisse und Verdrängtes kommen in Konflikt mit dem Alltag einer Missionsstation und Plantage, verloren im Dschungel, hoch in den Bergen, welche in allen das Beste und das Dunkelste zu Tage fördert. Nur durch echte Menschlichkeit kann das alles doch noch ins rechte Lot kommen, möchte man meinen. Dazu braucht es allerdings unverschämt viel Hoffnung. Wir werden sehen, ob das reichen wird...


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