Light design 2012

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Choreography & concept: Alexandra Bachzetsis
Lighting design: Minna Heikkilä
Costume design: Noemi Ceresola
Performers: Alexandra Bachzetsis, Eitan Efrat, Sirah Foighel-Brutmann, Anne Pajunen, Paolo Thorsen-Nagel 
Premiere: May 22th 2012, Theaterhaus Gessnerallee, Zürich, Switzerland

Etude is a work, developed from observation, transcription and translation processes that the artist has devised to explore this question in depth. It involves five performers, musicians and dancers (Bachzetsis included), in developing a vocabulary of movements and attitudes performed together and in isolation. Repetition of minute details of behavior is doubly deployed – as a learning tool (in rehearsal) and dramatic device. 

Etude review in Tages Woche Culture



Phase to Phase / Minimal Art Interaction

Gymnasium Oberwil

Premiere: 10th February, Gymnasium Oberwil, BL, Switzerland

"Maximum effect with minimal means". A live performance exploring the basic forms and conseptual thinking. I was counselling the students of Gymnasium Oberwil to create interactive live action based visuals for this concert containing minimal music with pieces from Pat Metheny, Paul Smadback, Steve Reich, Morton Feldman and Maurice Ravel. The students also had some workshops on VJ'ing, so the end result was a combination of video projections and light.








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