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Menninkäisten poluilla

Dance Theater Raatikko

Direction and Choreography: Marja Korhola
Text: Pirjo Toikka
Set design and Costumes: Taina Relander
Music: Timo Muurinen
Light design: Minna Heikkilä
On stage:
Musician Jone Takamäki
Dancers Riku Koskinen and Outi Markkula
Premiere: September 18th, Vantaa, Finland

The Wizard of Crystal river is causing havoc in the forest. Goblins have already left their homes and seeked refuge with fairies. Now also the most beautiful flower of the Fairy Forest is threatened and Daddy-Fairy, Fairy-girl and Goblin-boy ask for the help of the resourceful little goblin and fairy audience to save their homes. This is an interactive dance performance for all children aged 3 years and up.






Nichts als Tanz


Choreography: Beatrice Holm, Jessica Billeter, Dorothee Caan, Susanne Wydler, Judith Pulina
Assistant: Brenda Marcus, Cathy Sharp
Light design: Minna Heikkilä
Technical director: Michael Jann
Premiere: June 11th, Theater Roxy, Basel, Switzerland

25th anniversary gala of dance studio Semiramis in Theater Roxy, Basel. Thirteen different choreographies in 75 minutes.








Keep on searching for a heart of gold


Concept and direction: Anna K. Becker und Katharina Bischoff
Set design: Olivia Suter, Wolfram Sander
Music: Niki Neecke
Light design: Minna Heikkilä
On stage: Esther BeckerAnna-Katharina Müller, Sahar Rahimi
Premiere: March 26th 2010, Sophiensaele, Berlin, Germany 

Medea is proud princess, a niece of sun-god and the murderer of her own children. Traitor of her country, passionate lover and fighter against her unluck. This piece is looking for a new identification for 21st century Medea.: three actresses set themselves to face the contradictions of Medea and ask after guilt, innocence, contempt, memory and myth. Visually contradiction can be found between open and intimate, - cold and warm, - harsh and cozy. One of the curiosities was the wireless stage elements and cordless solutions for light.

Keep On Searching For A Heart Of Gold / Video

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