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Kill your Darlings


Direction / Regie: Anna K. Becker, Katharina Bischoff
Dramaturgy / Dramaturgie: Rahel Leupin
Scenography / Bühne: Olivia Suter
Light / Licht: Minna Heikkilä
Artistic collaboration / Künstlerische Mitarbeit, Assistent / Assistenz: Stine Hertl
On stage / Mit: Esther Becker, Anna Katharina Müller

Premiere: 29th November 2008 in Schlachthaus Theater Bern and Fabrik Theater Zürich

Each production produces leftovers . Each decision requires sacrifices and good ideas have to wait for later . Kill Your Darlings is a call for the waste , the unfinished, unruly , for all that was left laying beside the trail. Darlings have to die : for the story , odds or because they remind us of something that we do not want to be reminded of . But what traces these leftovers leave themselves ? Do they really die , because a single false statement can destroy a whole story ? With Kill Your Darlings celebrates the directing duo bigNOTWENDIGKEIT the excess and extravagance . Two actresses and changing guests dig into memories and archives. They invite you always to accept recurring Darlings .

As said, Kill your Darlings is a diverse collection of formerly unfitting and / or too-far-out ideas that emerged during various processes in the past but didn't quite fit in, no matter how much in love with them we were. Maybe they got buried into the drawers of our desks, which are now brought on stage to reveal their content.

We did two totally different versions of this performance. First of them in a basement studio of Schlachthaus Theater. A space with heavy stone walls was very much present and had a strong personality of it's own as a stage.

Second version took place in a small black box theater in Rote Fabrik, Zürich. The small stage was totally different surroundings for the play. In a normal black box theater the landscape of drawers is sort of floating in void, which strongly emphasizes the content of the text.

"Was glaubst du, haben sie mit uns angestellt? Glaubst du, sie haben uns getötet? Glaubst du, sie haben uns umgebracht? Glaubst du, dass wir tot sind? Oder verlieren wir nur unseren Humor?"







Elli-velli Karamelli

Puppet Theater Hevosenkenkä

Direction: Anne Rautiainen
Set Design: Sattva-Hanna Toiviainen
Sound Design: Antti Korhonen
Light design: Minna Heikkilä

Premiere: September 2008, Espoo, Finland

Elli is a little girl and her best friend is her dog called "Heppu". One day something horrible happens: Mister Hat, who owns a big factory, wants to chop down the climbing tree of Elli and Heppu. Elli starts to fight against Mister hat and his ever expanding industry in order to preserve the nature and it's resources. The story is based on Kaarina Helakisa's novel and it encourages also us to take up the challenge: The sun is shining for us, let's not let it go away. Let's prevent the waters from turning black and all the nature animals from having to go exile.

A puppet theater play for children aged 3yrs and up.






Satusirkus ( Circus of Fairy Tales )

Dance theater Raatikko

Choreography: Marja Korhola
Set Design and Costumes: Terttu Torkkola
Sound Design: Timo Muurinen
Light design: Minna Heikkilä

Premiere: March 2008, Tikkurila, Vantaa, Finland

Circus of Fairy Tales begins, when the audience is taken to the magical castle of a Wizard, where all the stories have gotten mixed up, because Igor - the apprentice - has been cooking his own magical potions.  Even the Wizard don't know anymore to which story he belongs to.

With the Help from the children, the correct story is found and we also meet Hansel and Gretel, the Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf, Three little Pigs and finally the ever-wonderful Sleeping Beauty. Audience gets also to participate and dance in the magical forest as fairies and trolls.

The fairy tales are our common heritage and similar stories can be found in almost all the cultures. Through the fairy tales it is possible to deal with the concept of good and evil and find fair solutions to dilemmas. Dance theater is approaching our fairy tale tradition with humor and joy.

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