Light design 2007

Pictures at an Exhibition

Dance Theater Raatikko

Choreography: Marja Korhola
Musical Composition: Modest Mussorgsky
Organ: David Briggs
Costumes: Terttu Torkkola Light design: Minna Heikkilä Performers: Antti Silvennoinen, Esko Hakala, Elsa Heikkilä,
Maija Kainulainen, Kati Korosuo, Taneli Törmä.

Premiere: August 11. 2007, Lahti Organ Festival, Lahti, Finland

This piece is a choreographed adaptation of Modest Mussorgsky's musical score composed inspired by Virtor Haartman's paintings. In the focal point we see the composer Mussorgsky himself, who arrives to the exhibition. The composer sees with his inner eye how the other exhibition visitors transform into characters in Haartman's paintings. This dance performance is depicting the way how an artist observes other people, life and art. Haartman's titles turn into movement on stage.







- The Swiss Edition Der Pilot zur Serie

Beatnurse Productions

Directing: Marie-Thérèse Wittmann
Music: Johannes Bartmes 
Video: Kerstin Weinbrecht 
Dramaturgy: Christian Wiehle
Performers: Susanne  Abelein, Julia Glaus, Julius Griesenberg, Ladislaus Löliger, Anna Karisa Meyer
Light design: Minna Heikkilä

Premiere: November 29th August 2007 at Reithalle, Kaserne Basel, Switzerland

Four arias intersect the love-story of young doctor Verena. This slam opera attempts to take the relation between the stage and the audience to a new level ending up to a dance club.

Photos: Wil van Iersel




Itag AG 60 Jahr Jubiläum

Markthalle, Basel, Switzerland

Showtime: November 22th 2007

Official 60th Anniversary gala of an  information technology company Itag AG. Very formal... Speeches, buffet, famous pianist and violoncello players performing.

















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