Light design 2006

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Past is simulation - The ladies of the sea vs Nora, and other stories of the society

HerStay Production:

Choreography, directing, music choice, scenography, manuscript, type casting, video documentation, PR, production: Monica Emilie Herstad

Music: Compiled with Hicham Bouddén

Performers: Monica Emilie Herstad
and Andrea Csaszni Rygh, Beata Kretovicova, Maria Ryther Hoem

herStay styling: Costumes and general looks: Monica Emilie Herstad
Hair: Birger Løkeng and Marita Rætta from Adam & Eva, make-up: Line Sekkingstad, Agnete Bjerknæs, assistance from Art Complexion

Light design: Minna Heikkilä

Premiere: November 23d – 26th at Black Box Theater, Oslo, Norway

Points of interest: Asian Tour in January 2008 to India and Thailand. Further performances in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Lighting design of this piece combines cool ocean breezes  and echoes of solitude. Concept is based on Henrik Ibsen's novels "Nora" and "Lady of the Sea" and depicts these female characters.



Hui kauhistus! ( How horrible! )

Dance Theater Raatikko

Choreography: Marja Korhola

Set Design and Costumes: Terttu Torkkola

Sound Design: Timo Muurinen

Light design: Minna Heikkilä

Premiere: September 2006, Tikkurila, Vantaa, Finland

A story by beloved finnish author Mauri Kunnas, about a grandfather who is afraid of almost everything. He makes a deal with a goblin. -Goblin would get the raisins she desires if she would take grandfather to her world and show all the scary things. This way grandfather could lear to be bit less scared of everything. This was a chance to create some very scary lights to a dance performance for little children.









Patravadi Theater

Bangkok, Thailand

Direction: Patravadi Mehudjon

This is a traditional Thai musical. Light design was completed in collaboration with American Tony-award winning light designer Chris Parry, while I was in residency at Patravadi Theater.

Sadly only one photo available. Copyright Patrick Palucki.








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