Light design 2004

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Kolmosten talo ( House of Triplets )

Teatteri Valaja

Script: Pauliina Haasjoki and Reetta Niemelä
Adaptation and directing: Alma Rajala
Music: Pekko Käppi
Light: Minna Heikkilä
Performers: Aija Logren, Sari Tero and Pekko Käppi

Premiere; November 9. 2004, Runo Varsinais-Suomessa -happening, Turku, Finland

A drama performance based on a collection of writings by young poets. Issues dealing difficulties about being a woman, a sister, a lover.











Sievistelevät hupsut ( Les Precieuses Ridicules )

Theater Academy

Directing: Heidi Räsänen
Sound Design: Tuomas Fränti
Light design: Minna Heikkilä

Premiere: February 2004 at Theater Academy, Helsinki, Finland

New and controversial adaptation of Moliere's classic text.













Works of 2004 not in gallery:

Theater Academy of Finland: Kuusitie 39 B
Choreography: Samuli Nordberg
Dance performance
Helsinki, Finland

Suomen Teatteriorkesteri: Theater Academy 25th Anniversary
Helsinki, Finland

Dance Theater Raatikko: Hys hys Hymylään (Hush, hush to Hymylä)
Choreography: Marja Korhola
Children’s interactive dance performance
Vantaa, Finland

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